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Hello everyone,

Life sort of ran off from me for a while. I hadn't realized I hadn't even made a journal for last year's CxB week entries until now.

Normally I try to only pick a person once for a entire week as my personal fave but we didn't have many entries last year so that was impossible so this time I'll just list everyone's entries.

Sept 21: Literary Theme Sunday: Taken from :iconresidentialpsycho:'s suggestion: Horror, Fantasy, Adventure... The Pagemaster. :XD:
Mine: CxB Week Drabble: Literary Theme1. Literary Themes.
With all the technological advances in the future, Clark almost forgot to check out the things that stood the test of time. Obviously space exploration had stuck around, and pizza was as popular as ever, though lots of the other junk foods Clark knew were either gone or had changed in some way or another.
Lots of the Museums Brainy took Clark to, or "allowed Clark to see" as Brainy put it, had things that were new during his time, like Angry Birds, but were as relevant to the people of the 31st century as the Atari had been to him in his own time. Still there were always new superhero movies, though mostly about white male ones from the 21st century for some reason and most prominently about him, much to his embarrassment, and some vampire bat Brainy never gave Clark the chance to get a good look at.
The best thing to see that had prevailed the test of time were books, even though the paper bindings where mostly replaced by pads and tablets, the words were still rea

:iconyu-gi-ah: Fantasy Romance by Yu-Gi-Ah
:iconcreepypastagoth: CxB Week 2014 Day1 by CreepypastaGoth

Sept 22: Mythology Monday: Suggested by :icontrueloveisreal: Greek, Egyptian, African, American Legends (Like Paul Bunyan), Norse, etc... Or create your own.
Mine: CxB Week Drabble: Mythology Monday2. Mythology
It wasn't often that Gods fell from the heavens but Clark thanked the sky for the day it granted his village the honor of having Quetzalcoatl live among them. The very vision of the God's skin passing in the corner of Clark's eye made him pray his thanks.
Quetzalcoatl was not only beautiful but the most intelligent being Clark had ever known, not to mention kind. Life in the village had improved tremendously since Quetzalcoatl's arrival, not to mention Clark's personal life.
Clark had the privilege to be one of Quetzalcoatl's bodyguards, though it hardly seemed like the god needed one, which meant Clark got to see the god regularly, even if he couldn't look at him directly.
They reached the top of the temple stairs, Clark kneeling and bowing his head when Quetzalcoatl stopped and turned to him.
"It's odd," Quetzalcoatl said after a moment of observing him. "You're the only one here who avoids looking at me."
"I'm not worthy," Clark managed to stammer.
"You are many things

:iconyu-gi-ah: Mythology love by Yu-Gi-Ah
:iconcreepypastagoth: ClarkxBrainy Week2014 Day2 by CreepypastaGoth

Sept 23: Reincarnation Tuesday: Suggested by :iconcreepypastagoth: Reborn as different species, genders, alien race?
Mine: Electric SheepLike most people the boy had looked right past Clark the first time they encountered each other. It was to be expected though, Clark's disguise outside his Superman suit was meant to be overlooked. Normally it didn't bother him and was considered a successful day of acting the part of a meek reporter but, for whatever reason, in that instance it did bother him.
Though Clark really shouldn't have called him a boy, he was more like a young man, not much younger then Clark himself. And the only reason why Clark knew the other man's name and age though was because Lois had just interviewed him; he was a young Science Fiction novelist that had just won a few awards for his latest book.
The following morning Clark could not stop himself from buying a copy of the latest book by Quinn Duglas, pleased that the inside flap had a picture of the author along with some information about him. Quinn was only two years younger than Clark but had graduated college by the time Clark was in the middle of

:iconyu-gi-ah: Reborn by Yu-Gi-Ah
:iconcreepypastagoth: ClarkxBrainy Week2014 Day3 by CreepypastaGoth
:iconresidentialpsycho: CxB Reincarnation Tuesday by ResidentialPsycho
:icontrueloveisreal: Stay SafeQuerl had loved. Of course he had. Everyone did, right? Despite her lack of emotion towards him, he loved his mom. As a stereotypical child growing up in the 1400s, in Italy, he loved the church, too. But as he grew, Querl learned that maybe the church didn’t always know what they were talking about. So he began to love science. Of course it was very different back then, but it was a way for him to block out him mom, and to just let his mind grow.
By the time he was eighteen, his mentor claimed that he was a prodigy. “No one gets it like you, my boy.” He said one night, when they were in the archives, searching for some of Aristotle’s work.
Five years later, Querl still held onto that belief as he ran from a group of mock-crusaders. He knew the church, ironically enough the one that his mother led, had sent them. The curved, winding streets ended up being to his advantage. Quickly, he turned left, and then right, falling right into a bakery. The men from the chu

:iconfeiring: [CxB week] Reincarnation Tuesday by Feiring

Sept 24: Hurt/Comfort/Sickness Wednesday: Suggested by :iconstorm137:
Mine: CxB Week Drabble: Hurt/Comfort/Sickness Wednesday3rd Drabble 4th Theme: Hurt/Comfort/Sickness
While under the rays of the yellow sun it was nearly impossible to hurt Superman. Clark hadn't even been sick since he was five years old. Still that didn't mean he didn't need comfort on occasion.
Pete patting Clark's back after Lana ditched him yet again. Chloe nearly attacking him with a hug after Whitney did what Whitney does. Ma brushing back Clark's hair at times Clark didn't even realized he needed it. Pa simply standing beside Clark and giving one of his shoulders a squeeze without saying a single word.
All of these things made Clark felt connected to a world he had to hide himself from. It let him know that he was cared for.
When taken to the future, Clark felt lost without these connections. He sunk, being thrown up onto a pedestal.
Over time the pedestal was still there but the Legion stood beside him. Bouncing Boy patting his back, learning early on not to do it too hard or he's just hurt his own hand. Triplicate Girl tackled him

:iconyu-gi-ah: It's Okay, I'm here by Yu-Gi-Ah
:iconfeiring: [CxB week] Hurt/Comfort/Sickness Wednesday by Feiring
:icontrueloveisreal: NevermoreIt was his job. Because Querl was a bringer of death. An omen. In some cultures, he was a banshee. In others, he was a jolt in the back of the mind. Right now, he was a raven, flying over a park as a young man sat on the bench. It was snowing, slowly but surely covering the ground in a white blanket of wonders and dreams. He’d been following this human for nearly a month. He was a manic depressant, often attempting suicide but failing. He had friends that loved him, and a family that held him above all. The young man couldn’t see it, though, and was stuck in his world where the only one who understood him was Edgar Allen Poe.
Maybe that was why Querl chose a raven.
He landed on a branch above the boy’s head, looking down at the snowflakes that became lodged in his hair. Despite Querl’s lack of human emotions, he did inwardly frown at the tear stains that soaked his face.
“I’m so lost,” He muttered to himself. The poor young man wiped his eyes,
(I think this is where this goes...)
:iconstorm137: CXB week day 3: ''Flu Season''It was a rare chance that the fifth Brainiac ever fell ill. He was used to being the one healing the ill or the injured. He was the team’s mechanic as much as he was their medic. He had seen it all, from classic childhood illnesses that hit new to Earth Legionnaires who never got their shots. Saturn Girl, dealing with a migraine that went on for two months straight. Surgery on nearly all of them at one point at different times. (And he was so grateful when THAT strange trend ended finally)
But now he found himself with the rarest thing for a Coluan…
He was sick, sick enough that he was actually moping.
Brainy refused to admit it though.
“Brainy?” Saturn Girl asked softly as she went over to his hover chair concern in her eyes. “What’s wrong?”
The sick genius muttered something.
She reached over and brushed his bangs aside pressing her hand to his head. He leaned into her hand a little. “Brainy!” She gasped a moment later pulling her

Sept 25: Crossover Thursday: Suggested by :iconjack3dragon:
Mine: CxB Week Drabble: Crossover Thursday4th Drabble, 5th Theme: Crossover Thursday
Bouncing Boy once compared the Time Bubble to the "teleporter" from Star Trek. If something crazy or bad was happening the Time Bubble was usually to blame.
On the one hand Brainy could understand the confusion in blaming the Time Bubble. The Time Bubble was usually involved when weird things happened. But in reality it wasn't the Time Bubble's fault. Really the blame rested on whoever spilled soda onto a Time Bubble remote and thought they could fix it by wiping it down and ignoring it. If whoever spilled the drink onto the remote believed in a higher power, Brainy hoped they were praying for if Brainy found them they were going to die.
At least Brainy wasn't alone in this. The Time Bubble worked properly on Brainy's trip to the past to pick up Superman but sparked and skidded somewhere other than their known future on the return trip.
Now they were stuck in what looked like Ancient Asia with a bunch of teenagers and a couple of younger child

:iconyu-gi-ah: Sapphire and Emerald by Yu-Gi-Ah

Sept 26: Fanfiction Friday: Fanart of a CxB fanfiction or fanfiction based on a CxB fanart. (We have this one every year)
Mine: CxB Week Drabble: Fanfiction Friday5th Drabble, 6th Theme: Fanfiction Friday
For once it wasn't the Time Bubble malfunctioning that caused something weird to Brainy that sent him, and Superman, to another dimension. They had just been walking to a Legion meeting about Imperiax when something materialized before them, something golden in the shape of a giant orb, and wrapped around them. Superman had been unable to punch through and the orb dematerialized from their world and quite literally dropped them into another world. Worse yet, Brainy landed again, quite literally, onto the lap of who seemed to have summoned them there.
This person was a man with light brown hair, about the same length as Brainy's had been before he had cut it if not a little shorter and golden skin that sparkled the same way the orb had. His eyes were a strange yellow gold as well and he chuckled at Brainy's sudden appearance in his lap.
"What's got you so green with envy dearie," the man asked in a delighted matter.
"My entire race is green skin

:iconyu-gi-ah: between the bookshelves by Yu-Gi-Ah

Sept 27: In Memoriam Saturday: By :iconpriestessofnox: In honor of a historical event, a person or pet who passed away, etc..
Only Entry was Mine: CxB Week Drabble: In Memoriam Saturday6th Drabble, 7th Theme: In Memoriam Saturday
Though before the sorcerer brat that would not be named, Brainy didn't believe in magic. In general his people found the existence of something that so defied logic and scientific boundaries could not possibly be real. And yet the brat took all of Brainy's reasoning and turned his world upside down and made it wild and chaotic until the brat was taking away kicking and screaming by his home world.
Still, despite Brainy's acceptance of magic, Brainy never thought, had dared to hope, that he would not encounter it again. It was simply a headache.
That is why when Brainy saw a blue humanoid with a wisp of energy instead of legs flying about Metropolis, Brainy would have flown in the opposite direction if Superman had not seen it as well. Instead they flew after it, Superman curious as to what the being was and what it wanted.
As if to annoy Brainy the being turned out to be a genie. A genie whom had been wished free some millennia ago and wonde

Let me know if I missed anyone but that was everyone we had in the gallery. I'll be transferring them to folders soon to make room for this years entries.

Any suggestions for themes for CxB Week 2015?
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